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Leveling Guide Rf POA

Hello again,

I made this thread for those new in RF PoA and doesn't have any char yet. I would like to help some players to level up quickly and to get more cpt. I'm not the professional one but I'm just posting here to help others If you don't like this guide you are free to play w/o referring to this guide.

Lvling Guide For You

Follow your quest from lvl1-40 every quest gives 100%xp(if this is the quest for your lvl) and a good cpt more or less 50k cpt if you finish all the quest

Find some party in 117,Numerus,Anacade,Volcanic Cauldron & Elan then you can get faster xp

This is the fastest and I think difficult if you have no tanker(lvl55). Go to BM and find a tanker that can help you tank "Thunder Lizard" it gives 5% xp its near the Outcast land portal.


Just follow your quest:
Kill Calliana Archer 50/50 LH
Kill Giant Baba 30/30
Kill Great Kur 30/30
Accretia quest>>Kill TC Striker 10/10
Kill TC punisher 10/10
Cora quest>>> Kill TC Templar 10/10
Kill TC assasin 10/10
Bellato quest>> Kill TC berserker 10/10
Kill TC infiltrator 10/10
get quest Item from Devastator 3/3
Kill TC Dark priest 5/5
Kill TC Holy Chandra 5/5
Kill Big Horn Cannibal 10/10
Kill Black Demolis 10/10 LH(Last Hit)
Kill Red hared Splinter 1/1 LH
Destroy Jewel Cube and loot Seal of Soul 1/1
Seal of Destruction 1/1
Seal of blood 1/1

Congratulation you're lvl51 you have 99.99%xp hit a monster to become lvl52
Kill Black Crow Warbeast 20/20 LH
Kill Clawed Draco 20/20 LH
Kill Red Fang Lunker 20/20 LH

Now you're lvl53 you have 99.99%xp hit a monster to become lvl54

Last quest to become lvl55
Kill Hook Brutal 15/15

Now you're lvl55. Be a good citizen and a responsible player here in RF PoA

here is some laveling guide picture of my character:

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